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We provide language interpreters in more than 280 languages for:

  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Community interpretation
  • Court interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Conference call
  • Message Relay

All our interpreters are the cream of the profession. With years of experience, they are professionally trained and  highly efficient. Apart from advanced university education, our interpreters (other than Sign Language ( ASL) interpreters * ) hold various accreditations such as:

  • Court certified and accredited with the Ministry of the Attorney General. (MAG)
  • Accredited with the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. (IRB)
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • Extensive experience working for pre-trial discoveries., RCMP, detention centres,
  • Experience with various major hospitals.
  • Trained in medical terminology. (HIN)
  • Have taken courses in interpretation dealing with domestic violence, substance abuse and other community issues. (CILISAT, ILSAT)
  • Widely traveled, culturally informed and culturally sensitive.

Our interpreters are covered by our E&O insurance for the work they do and we have no claim till date.

Please contact us with your assignment details, such as the length of the assignment, location, language, contact person and a brief description of what the job entails. We will evaluate your requirements and assign you the interpreter who best suits your needs.


Working with the most knowledgeable and experienced certified translators in the industry we provide  document translation with free proofreading, terminology, dictionary translation, content management  . All translators are neutral and impartial and strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics and Confidentiality.

Translations are provided in the following areas:

  • Education  such as mark sheets, school certificates, college certificates, etc.
  • Legal translation of the following certificates, such as divorce ,separation, custody, property, real estate, marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate, affidavit
  • Medical , medical reports, doctors’ reports
  • Finance , Tax
  • Immigration matters, such as passport stamps, PR cards, Family Sponsorship, Sponsorship appeals, Visas, Refugees , Citizenship
  • Online translation , Web translation, Website translation
  • Technical translation, Literature translation, News translation, Sub-title, Films and Video.

Free translation quote by word count or flat rate.
Emergency translation available, quick delivery is standard.
Special discounts for translation services for large projects, books, brochures, product catalogues, engineering, publishing, advertising, community organizations , legal aid.

Certified  language translators also provide Notarized translations along with their Affidavit or  Translator’s Declaration.

Teleconference and Video Conference Facility

We provide teleconference, phone conference services over VOIP and traditional networks with certified interpreters in over 280 languages.
We also provide video conferences services (Secure network , encrypted such as VIA3,Movi and others). Real time captioning, Real time sign language interpreting and certified interpreters in over 280 languages are available.
Separate undisturbed confidential boardrooms are used for this purpose . They are equipped with the state of the art equipment . Communication is done via the fastest ultra speed available .

Videography services

ITN Reporting offers videography services for depositions (such as US depositions, legal videography ) .
Rough draft, dirty disk services, daily and overnight copy, condensed mini transcripts are available.
Real time video streaming is available with video conferencing in dedicated boardrooms, thereby facilitating overseas or remote-location participation of lawyers ,expert witnesses, witness testimony or corporate personnel and others.

Audio Transcription , Video Transcriptions, Captioning ,CART

We provide Quick and accurate audio and video transcription services in 280 languages by certified and trained professionals. Confidentiality is assured and most of our transcriptionists have police clearances for highly confidential recordings.
Almost all formats are supported such as DVD,MPEG4,Compact disc Digital Audio,DIVX,MP3,AVI,Google video ,XVID codec, Apple, Windows Media, You Tube, VHS – PAL,SECAM,NTSC, audio cassettes etc.
Certified captioners are available for outside locations, such as courts , conferences, shareholder meetings, AGM, speeches ,cultural functions and many other forums.

Conference Rooms , Boardrooms & Breakout rooms

We provide ergonomic and elegant conference rooms and boardrooms for Pre-trial Discovery Examination, Statements under oath, Debtor exams, Arbitrations, Mediations, Corporate meetings, Client meetings and presentations, ADR, Expert witness testimony, US Depositions and many others.
Free Breakout rooms with teleconferencing facility for private side discussions between participants of conferences , discoveries, etc. are available. Video conference facility in breakout rooms is also available at minimal cost.
All rooms have unobstructed views of the city with glass exterior walls . They are equipped with individual air purifiers and ionisers to keep you fresh throughout a long day and reduce infections.
Call us to book for 4 person, 6person,8 person ,12 person or special need rooms.
Our office is equipped for wheelchair –accessible handicap access from the parking till the boardrooms and lunch areas.

Complimentary snacks & beverages all day

Hot and cold buffet style snacks ,lunch, beverages, and special dietary snacks such as gluten free, sugar free, peanut free, lactose free ,low fat, are provided all day. We have one of the most sumptuous layouts in the city.

Court Reporters , Real-time Reporting, Live Streaming, Digital audio-video recording and archiving

We provide certified and experienced court reporters both at our office and at outside locations such as clients’ homes, hospitals, lawyers’ offices, your preferred outside location, etc.
Our court reporters are professionally trained and highly experienced.
State of the art recording equipment is used and all recordings have a second digital backup recording.
Real-time reporting and live streaming is available via your preferred method, whether Live Note, Transcend or another alternative available for conferences, discovery examination, meetings, etc. held at our premises .
Digital Audio Video Recordings of proceedings are available and can be archived for your future referencing or download, when required.


Transcripts of proceedings are available in a variety of formats such as Word, Word Perfect, PDF,ASCII, condensed transcripts with word indexes, e-transcript and others.
Expedited and same day service is available at nominal cost.

Commissioner of Oaths (Ontario)

We provide a Commissioner of Oath and affidavits (Ontario) for administering oaths, affirmations, Commissioner for affidavits , statutory declaration, etc.