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Chaldean Neo-Aramaic is one of a number of modern Northeastern Aramaic languages spoken in the region of Kurdistan, between Lake Urmia in Iranian Azerbaijan in northern Iraq near Dohuk and near the Turkish border

Chaldean language spoken in Basra, Babil, Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.

Fallani, Fellihi, Kaldaya, Kildani, Lishana Kaldaya, Modern Chaldean, Neo-Chaldean, Soorath, Soorith, Suras, Sureth


Cuisine is similar to Middle Eastern cuisines. It is rich in grain, meat, potato, cheese, bread and tomato. Typically rice is served with every meal, with a stew poured over it. Tea is a popular drink, and there are several dishes of desserts, snacks, and beverages. Alcoholic drinks such as wine and wheat beer are organically produced and drunk.